Belle River Farms Horse Training Programs are available for several different levels of riding skills. Staffed by two professional trainers, lessons are available for adults and children either privately or in group format. If needed, training horses are available for this activity as well.


The expertise of our trainers is utilized fully by those riders wanting to take their skills to a level where they can become involved in the exciting Olympics world, called Three-Day Eventing. Utilizing the TEAM sanctioned courses created specifically for Eventing, riders will be introduced to the intricacies and horse/rider teamwork required for participating in this fascinating sport.

A minimum of two clinics are held each year featuring a world-class instructor well known for his/her competitive achievements in Three-Day Eventing.

Belle River Schooling Days are another way to encourage professional trainers to take advantage of our excellent training facilities.

Be sure to contact us for additional information on all the exciting things going on at our Farm. You are welcomed to join us!